vegetable fruit/fish dryer machine



















Specifications :

1.This dryer is widely used in sea cucumber,fish products,Chinese herb,dehydrated vegetable , fruit dried . Also can be sued into plastic resins, electrical originals, such as baking finish.

2.Hot air is circled inside the oven. The hot differency is high ,the energy source can be saved.

3.It is use forced ventilation effect, in which there are adjustable points wind board. Drying, heat source materials uniform may be steam, electricity,infared, choode widely.

4.Low noise, thhe running balance, automatic temperature, install maintain convenient

working principle:

1.The heat radiation and heat convection heat the air in the drying chamber after the air being exchanged by the heat exchanger.

2.The hot air is diffused in the whole drying chamber and carry out sufficient heat exchange with materials under the function of fan.

3.The vapor is removed from the drying chamber under the humidity removing.