leafy vegetable cutter machine

leafy vegetable cutter machine

French bean/green bean/ long bean cutting machine
Green chilli/ cucumber/green onion celery; smallage cutting machine
 Suitable for stems and leaves vegetable.







Vegetable Cutting Machinery


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Vegetable Cutting Machinery we manufactured is used for cutting the vegetable’s root, stem, leaf into granule, piece, cube, diamond, curve or the other forms.

This machinery, which has high production efficiency, easy to operate and maintain, is ideal vegetable processing equipment.

The upright knife can cut the soft vegetable or pieces into granula, cube, diamond and other forms. You can change the vegetable’s length through adjusting eccentric cam. The finished vegetable production is regular and the section is smooth and fresh.














Technical Parameter

a. Structure character: Cantilever stepless speed regulation

b. The power of motor: 1.5kW 380 V 3~

c. Rated frequency:60Hz

d. Waterproof grade:IPX1

e. Throughput:200~1000kg/h

f. Ordinary v-belt:A914-2 B900-1

g. Speed belt:753×38×12-2

h. Conveyer belt:2300×318

i. Vegetable pressing belt:650×275×6

j. Slicing revolution:187~500 r/min

k. Slicing thickness:2~10 mm

l. Upright knife revolution:122~300 /min

m. Cutting length:1~30 mm    

Automatic vegetable processing machine