Green bean cutting machine


1. Tail cutting with high efficiency, simple structure, high yield, stable and reliable running, it can replace heavy manual work, raise the production save a large number of Labour cost, efficiency, it is the ideal equipment of quick-frozen vegetables processing.
2. Mainly suitable for frozen vegetable processing plant, refrigeration plant, dehydrated vegetables processing, clean vegetables processing plant, etc.






Green bean cutting machine is made of high quality triangular steel knife, a mix of plastic arc cutting tools, and other important components. Using plastic cylinder composed of arc knife in reducer drive low rolling evenly and permanent steel arc triangle knife and plastic cylinder surface close to cut green beans within the cylinder rotate trough go out useless in the end, achieve complete removal of the effect.


 Green bean cutting machine

Green bean cutting machine used to cut the two ends of green bean, put the bean into the machine, it can remove the head and end automatically, the capacity can reach 300-400kg per hour.