Fruit And Vegetable Washer Machine

The specification of Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine 

The clean water filtered through the activated carbon can be recycling used and this machine can save 80% water. Besides, it is of easy operation, low energy consumption, health, safety and high efficiency.
The Good Quality Fruit Washing Equipment washes dirt attached on the surface of vegetables, by air bubble washing. It imitates human washing motion and avoids collision or friction damages caused by human washing. Efficiency will be increased because this machine changes human labor to mechanized process.
It is suitable for washing fresh vegetables, preserved vegetables, fungus, marine products, ect…

The vegetable and fruit in the water channel is scattered, rolled, cleaned and delivered under high pressure water and powerful bubble. The sand will fall to Isolation warehouse on the bottom and don’t cause pollution again. The debris and worms on the water will be collected by net. And the brush roller can clean the thread let, hair and so on. Then the cleaned vegetable and fruit will be doing spray cleaning again.










Fruit And Vegetable Washer Machine is bubble washing type, made by stainless steel 304 completely. Several air pipes are fixed in the bottom of the washer tank. High pressure airflow stirs water to produce a lot of bubble, generally the vegetables or fruits are kept in washing tank for 2-4 minutes, the raw food materials are cleaned up intensively, efficiently and continuously. Except vegetables and fruits. It is also available to wash small pieces seafood and shrimps. We also produce spraying type washing machine for big volume fruits like watermelon.