Commercial cleaning machine

Features of potato cleaning machine 

1. Beautiful appearance, easy operation.

  1. Large cleaning and peeling volume, high efficiency, low consumption.
  1. Can be used continuously, long lifetime.


Introduction of potato cleaning machine:

1. potato cleaning machine is made of high quality nylon brush. Rollers can be made into different materials: wave brush, pure corundum, brush & corundum combination, normal brush.

2. potato cleaning machine can clean and peel the roll and linear vegetables , such as carrot , white turnip ,potato ,sweet potato, apples , oranges , Chinese yam ,ginger,peanut and so on

3. Dirt and sediment are removed with circulation of water

4. Segregation of products and sediment.

5. Filtering and recycle of water





































Specification of potato cleaning machine:


Model Power Dimension Weight Capacity
FM-800 1.1kw/380v 1600x730x840mm 220kg 800kg/h
FM-1200 1.5kw/380v 2120x840x900mm 300kg 1200kg/h
FM-1500 2.2kw/380v 2400x840x900mm 380kg 1500kg/h
FM-1800 3kw/380v 2550x840x900mm 400kg 1800kg/h