Vegetable cutter machine

1.This vegetable cutting machine can cut various vegetables or fruits into cubes, slices, chips by change the different blades.
Suitable for cutting vegetables : potato, pachyrhizus, carrot, tomato, onion, eggplant, lotus root,cabbage etc .
Suitable for cutting fruits: apple, pear.

Vegetable Cutting Machine Video Introduction

Vegetable washing machine

1.This machine is specially designed for stem and root vegetables and fruits into slices and sticks with high efficiency and good quality, such as potato, taro,carrot, sweet potato, jicama, pachyrhizus etc.
2.The thickness of sticks and slices can be adjusted from 3-12mm.
3.This machine can automatically do the whole process of washing, peeling and cutting.
4.Which can cut three shapes: slice, sticks and slice with waves.

Vegetable drying machine

To deal with leafy vegetables:
1. Bubble cleaning machine --- 2. Cutting machine --- 3. Drinking machine --- 4. Centrifugal dryer --- 5. Mixer (sugar) --- 6. Vegetable drying machine

1.Please tell us which kinds of vegetables to process.
2. Let us know your capacity and thickness requirement.
3. If convenient, you can tell us your further processing plan for the processed vegetables, we can recommend related machines for you.
4. We also can customize machines according to your requirement.

Contact us, technical parameters are Qiecai machine more to you.

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